Milsa & CO

Association of crushed stone producers “Milsa ir Co“ was founded in 1998 year. Association of companies are trying to satisfy our customers - road builders, railway, bridge builders and builders needs. The president of association is Julius Laiconas.

Granite aggregates manufactory JSC „Granitas“ in Kaunas
Granite aggregates manufactory JSC „Granitinė skalda“ in Vilnius
Dolomite aggregates quarry and manufactory SC „Klovainių skalda“ Pakruojis region

JSC „Silmija“ supplying natural granite stone paving stone, blocks, curbs to Lithuanian and Latvian partners

JSC „Torita“ working in cleaning services


Elektrėnų str. 16, LT-51205 Kaunas
Phone./fax: +370 37 352365
E-mail: More
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