Conveyor belts


Edges are rubbed. Width, length, number of layers, the surface thickness, mechanical strength can be produced according to your demand, interlayer material: fabric of polyamide-polyester.

Fabric-rubber conveyor belts, multi-ply, flame retardant GTP, are designed for transportation of loose materials in underground pits of coal mining companies extracting combustible minerals (e.g. coal) and non-combustible minerals (e.g. ore, salt, aggregates).
These belts are made of polyester - polyamide (EP) or polyamide - polyamide (PA) fabric plies combined with flame resistant rubber core and flame resistant rubber covers.
The properties of used rubber mixes allow to meet the stringent GTP requirements for electrical fire – fire safety.
ZAKLAD MECHANIKI Conveyor scales

Used when the bandwidth from 0.1 to 2.0 m, the belt speed 0,1 - 5,0 m / s, transmitted content: up to 10,000 t / h. Libra paperless, so it is possible to control the entire process - report after recorded content to stop after wanted amount.

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